YXY Concentrated French Rose Bird’s Nest (75ml)

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Yu Xiang Yan Bird's Nest is prepared using premium grade 100% genuine bird's nest.   The color is white translucent, the liquid clear and transparent. Taste smooth with an egg-like characteristic fragrance, combined with flowery essences from flower buds of French Rose. French Rose is rich in vitamin C that helps the body to fight off cold, flu, and viruses. It is also rich in nutrients and organic acids that help to prevent indigestion, improve blood circulation and promote wound healing.   Who to share with • Bird’s nest is a natural tonic food, for men, women and children. • Ladies who adores flower flavours and have a passion for flavoured bird nest beverages.   Consumption:
  • Ways to enjoy: Our bird's nest can be heated, consumed chilled or added with other foods
  • Consume immediately: Immediate consumption after opening the bottle to enjoy the freshest quality
  • Avoid: Direct sun exposure, warm and humid places

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